About Us

Thanks for shopping on JLDressCA. 

JLDressCA is a wedding dress brand with high degree of originality in design. We believe good quality and affordable price can coexist, that is also what we are trying to bring to customer. JLDressCA always make sure its design is in line with current trend at world level. We have credible quality assurance, help every customer to have a beautiful, exquisite and suitable wedding dress is our faith. 

We have been insisting on designing most beautiful dress by our own. As a wedding dress design group, if we ever have ambitions for the world, we hope our designed wedding dress can deliver you the message that every moment in your life are precious and amazing.

JLDressCA has 5 professional and experienced wedding dress designer, 8 wedding dress design assistant, 10 pattern makers and around 100 craftsmen. All of them build a dream team for JLDressCA. Behind each JLDressCA wedding dress is the dedication and devotion to the dress itself by our dream team. The unique vision of the style, the exquisite tailoring of the pattern, the selection of the fabric beading, and the rigorous and meticulous craftsmanship make it more than just a wedding dress. It is a work of art worth cherishing. 

JLDressCA values every wedding dress, it is so amazing to witness each dress comes from an idea to a genius product,  all essential details behind this process make it not only a dress, but also a masterpiece of art. If the soul of the wedding dress is its unique design, then JLDressCA's handcraft and craftsmanship is its source of life. We believe a great dress always can tell an amazing story by itself. As our customers, JLDressCA hopes our dress can bring you beauty, warmth and somewhat unique but great feeling!